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FAQ's, "Frequently Asked Questions," get answered here!

Okay, everybody calls them "frequently-asked" questions. Some are actually questions we think you might want to ask us. If we miss your question among these, just contact us and we'll do our best to answer it. If you're one of several people with the same basic question, we may add it here as well.
Is your service different than most online tools of­fer­ed by paint companies?  Yes, in two main ways. First, we use your own photo so you work with your own build­ing's ar­chi­tec­ture, and second, we take your instructions and then carefully and cor­rect­ly define your color placement zones from them, by hand, so you don't have to try to perform this difficult step. While oth­er on­line tools have a place, Perfect Paint Pre­view™ gives you high-quality real-world color sim­u­la­tion results while saving you from the time-con­sum­ing, frus­tra­ting work required by other tools.
How long does the process take?  Your image upload and color zone marking steps should take you only a few min­utes in total. At that point, we perform our precision zone de­fi­ni­tion work as quickly as possible in order to get you going on your color testing. For simpler zones, or res­i­den­ces with fewer than four zones, we can often provide same-business-day ser­vice, if online collaboration is not required. For more com­plex architectures or larger build­ings, turnaround may be up to two business days. Work may take longer if our schedule is full. In any case, we al­ways work as quickly as we can on your specific project.
Wow! The new colors come back really fast, in, like, one second! How do you do it?  So glad you appreciate the response speed! As web de­sign­ers, we have many years' ex­per­i­ence in both graphic design and web program­ming, which helps us minimize response time. Good cus­to­mer service means not making you wait any longer than ne­ces­sary. (We hope soon to return your color before you pick it. If we're suc­cess­ful at this, we may not need to work as web designers much longer. But in that case, we'll be sure your needs are met: we'll know them before you do. :-)
So if you're such good programmers and color ex­perts, can't you just write a program to do this?  In a word, nope. Pattern-recognition is coming along quite well in the computing world, but it'll never take the place of a human being. (Sorry, it's just what we think.) Architectures and buildings were designed by humans to be understood by humans, so we just go along with that intention. When we apply our minds and hand-define your color zones, it's ap­ply­ing the very best resource to come as close to perfection as possible, in our humble opinion. We're in favor of hu­mans: they just can't be beat.
How do you get such great realism in your recolored building display?  Well, without giving away any trade se­crets, it actually boils down to some math, physics and bio­logy. There are several variables that completely en­com­pass the information we receive and process when we see a scene in the real world. Color, which is really the energy or wavelength of received light on our eye's retina, is just one of those variables. If you do the math right, you can change only the color variable while leaving all the other variables unaffected. That preserves your image realism.
You seem to have a sense of humor. Are you serious about this service?  Well, yeah! But just because we're committed to outstanding quality, value and customer ser­vice doesn't mean we have to be dour, dry fuddy-duddies. Just to drive home the point, one of our staff actually did a stand-up comedy gig at one time. (For our millennial cus­tomers, the Urban Dictionary defines fuddy dud­dy as "any person who would actually use the word 'fuddy duddy' in a sentence." If that's too self-ref­er­en­tial for you, it's very roughly equivalent to "wet blanket".)
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