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Perfect Paint Preview
Simple to use, no tedious drawing or confusing tools, and best-of-class results.
For a perfect painting plan, sign up for Perfect Paint Preview™.
Featuring color
matching with

Miller Paints®
You'll enjoy Perfect Paint Preview's stun­ning realism
without strug­gling for hours with hard-to-use tools!
Two simple steps,
  1. Up­load your build­ing photo for us to preprocess
  2. Then click and place a few col­or zone mark­ers
and your prep is done! Our staff then pre­cise­ly de­fines your mark­ed zones, and you pick and instantly in­stall colors. Try Perfect Paint Preview for yourself below:
Our Service helps provide these benefits:
  • "Right-the-first-time" painting project results
  • Explores your own color preferences at the start
  • Available match with major paint vendor colors
  • Creative comparison of several paint area plans
  • Easy remote collaboration with project teams
  • Effective project review with client audiences
  • And maybe some stunning new color schemes!
Advanced technology at your control:
  • Quick digital painting of all building view colors
  • Real-world rendering of surface light and shadow
  • Easy color selections at the click of a button
  • Full hue, saturation and lightness color control
  • High magnification viewer to check finer details
  • Ability to save color schemes for easy comparison
  • Accessible from any internet-connected computer*
Your prep takes only minutes, and we think you'll love your Perfect Paint Preview results. Sign up today and get started on your building!
Just click any of the four Zone colors just left of center below to open the Color Picker, choose a new color for that portion of the building, then click the Select button. Your new color should appear right away.
Welcome to Perfect Paint Preview's Pre­cision Color Picker, giving you ac­cess to all the colors of your display.

General Instructions:
  • In unlocked Picker, hover mouse over Hue Bars for quick color review
  • Click on your basic pure color, called hue, in the Low Resolution Hue bar
  • Click in the High Resolution Hue bar at bottom to refine your hue choice
  • Blue L/R arrows tick values up/down by a minimum amount; hold to scan
  • In the right Sa­tu­ra­tion & Val­ue Pan­el, click or drag the mark­er to ad­just your col­or's in­ten­si­ty & brightness
  • The 'Select' button returns the col­or to the preview, and the 'Close' button hides the picker & leaves the old color in place
  • For proper opera­tion, always use pick­er when page is scrolled to top
Saturation (U-D) & Value (L-R) Panel
Low Resolution Hue Bar
Hex color name
High Resolution Hue Bar
More Details:
  • Click the "Old" color to set that color's parameters in the Color Picker
  • Lock padlock to hold all selections
  • Unlock padlock to reset selections
  • All value displays accept inputs
  • After commercial color match, reclick zone button to import color to Old panel

More Technical Details:
  • Low Resolution Hue bar provides ac­cess to a 360-hue spectrum
  • High Resolution Hue bar provides ac­cess to all 1530 available hues
  • High-resolution Hue data will show a num­ber after the decimal
  • High-Resolution Hue Bar centers at the current low-resolution hue
  • Saturation & Value Panel provides ac­cess to all 256 levels of satura­tion & bright­ness for the current hue
Client: Downtown Business/Residential
Project: Exterior Repainting
View: South Street View, New Bldg
ID: Color Placement Zone Set R1
Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 1: Top/bottom wall area
Zone 2: Main wall area
Zone 3: Bottom pillars
Zone 4: Window trim


painted image painted image
When you've chosen your building's colors, you can find outstanding Miller Paint® color matches, back-install them, and use the Capture Image button above right to display a printable record. We thank Miller Paint® for their Perfect Paint Preview Partnership and support.

Here's How It Works
Take digital photo dot dot dot
Take a quality high-resolution photo of your building
Upload dot dot dot
Upload your photo to your custom account page with just a click
Mark Color Zones dot dot dot
Mark up to four recolor zones with our fast
Zone Marking Tool
We process your image
We process your image, and you try on
all your new building color possibilities!
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* Desktop recommended; browser support required for color selection
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